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LP Tank Double O-ring
  • Often when changing out an LP tank the O-ring will stick from the first tank. When the replacement tank is installed you now have double O-rings & the tank won’t tighten properly to allow the fuel to flow through.
Out of Fuel
  • People sometime underestimate how fast a forklift can burn through a tank. Some big lifts can kill a tank in as little as two hours.
  • Can’t trust the little gauges.
  • For LP Units try removing the tank & shake it to see if you can feel the liquid sloshing around.
  • Gasoline & Diesel Units run out also. Gauges may not be accurate or working.
Tank Not Screwed on Tight Enough
  • A common mistake is people not screwing the tank on tight enough to get the fuel to flow properly. The gap between the coupler & tank collar should be approx. 1/8th inch gap. This takes strength to get tight enough. Wiggle the coupling when tightening.
Regulators Freezing Up
  • When the hood is popped you may see frost on the regulator. Pour hot water (or use heat gun) on it to melt the propane to get it flowing.
  • Low on anti-freeze. If a machine is approx. ½ gallon low, it can cause this. May need to be topped off after operating.
  • Forklift must be in Neutral to start. Make sure it’s in neutral.
Dead Battery
  • Sometimes the truck drivers leave the key on during the long travel across the nation.
  • May need to jump start it or charge the battery.
  • Batteries go bad.
E-Brake Must Be On
  • Some forklifts require the e-brake to be on to start.
  • Some forklifts have a pressure switch in the seat. The operator must be in the seat & must be heavy enough. Pressure required is usually about 150lbs. Bounce on the seat to reset the switch.
Loose Wiring
  • The bouncing of the truck rides across the nation can often loosen up wiring & cannon plugs. Double check battery & wiring connections after the long haul.
Frozen Propane
  • Upon startup, antifreeze needs to warm up to melt propane fuel in the regulator. Once it reaches operating temperature the forklift should run better. Low fluid can cause this as well.
Elevation Change
  • Will need to be retuned for customer’s climate & elevation.
Connecting the charger to the Forklift & Not the Battery
  • Recommended to color code the ends or write on them with a sharpie.
Charger is Not Wired Correctly
  • Chargers are universal. There are three settings. 208V, 240V, 480V. There are jumper wires inside that need to be configured according to match the buildings Voltage. Measure the buildings voltage at an outlet with a multimeter. Then inside the front door there is usually schematics to how the jumper wires should be configured.
Battery Low
  • When a battery gets low the hydraulics will stop working to keep the operator safe & allow the drive function to continue working a little longer so you may drive the unit back to the charger.
Steep Angle
  • When the forklifts are loaded and unloaded, the forklifts get tipped on a steep angle. Sometimes that angle can reach forty-five degrees. This can cause some fluid to spill and drip, but that drip will usually stop after a week of operation.
Residual Dripping from Servicing
  • Just because fluid is dripping from a piece of equipment does not mean the equipment has a leak. Also, these forklifts have just been through service, and some fluids may have just been drained. Often, we will see some residual drips following service, but these drips also usually go away after a week of operation.

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Created by Matthew Anderle on 2019-05-03 from the USA
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