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Buying Used With Confidence

Created by Matthew Anderle on 2019-05-03 from the USA
Buying Used Forklifts With Confidence

Here at Discount Forklifts we understand making big purchases can be stressful. That’s why our team goes to great lengths to provide all the information you need to make an informed and knowledgeable decision. Our goal is to make your purchase less stressful, and this article will highlight all ways we. Let us sweat the small stuff, we want you to focus on what really matters… Your Business!

Our Service Experts
With over 50 years of service experience with all brands of lifts, we are confident when our shop approves a lift for sale. Our technicians and mechanics meticulously work to insure every lift in our inventory passes our multi-point service inspection. This inspection is designed to surpass industry standards, because we want more than just to sell you a forklift. We want to create and maintain a great relationship with our customers, not just focus on a quick sale.

Virtual Test Drive
Our Virtual Ride Along feature is another tool we use to provide value to our customer. We video lifts from start up to shut down, show you drive forward/reverse, tilt, accelerate, brake, emergency brake, side shift, lift, sound of horn, light on/off if applicable. Seeing our inventory in action is just another service we provide that can help you come to that important purchase decision.

In-House Freighting
We are experts at nationwide shipping and have a full-time logistics department with several of our staff dedicated to delivering your forklift right to your doorstep. Freighting your forklift is a FREE SERVICE we provide, and it allows you not to worry about how you're going to get your lift. With our network of freight providers and volume of lifts we can pass on those huge discounts to YOU, the customer!

No Hassle Sales
we understand that every customer is coming to us because they have an issue, problem or dilemma. It is our job to provide a solution. We ask the right questions, then to shut up and listen. Our team is authentically concerned about helping you! Only then, does selling forklifts become easy.

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Paint & Body Service

Paint & Body
Key Features
  • We offer a full detail wash which includes removal of dust and grease.
  • We sand down the body of a lift for a smooth finish.
  • We finalize the lift with an automotive quality paint finish and official decals.

Equipment Article

Created by Matthew Anderle on 2019-05-03 from the USA
Bronco Fan Forklift

WE MIGHT NOT BE IN FOOTBALL SEASON BUT WE ARE ALWAYS IN THE MOOD TO SHOW OUR TEAM SPIRIT! Check out this cool Denver Broncos Lift our team in the paint shop put together! Discount Forklift supports the home team.